Sunday, 11 April 2010

Turns Out, University Requires Attention!

So apologies for the break in regularity, in the usually regular irregularity of my sporadic and mostly consistent yet inconsistent updates. I realise it has been an odd while since my last update, made increasingly odd by the fact that I am (note lack of "was") embroiled in the rather lengthy review of the Newgrounds Tank Awards nominees.

This continues. It has merely been pushed into more murky areas of my previously gleaming schedule of decisiveness and organisation. I also realise that this may be believed to be a near inevitable decrease in interest in what was a new and exciting project. This is as untrue as the fact that the prefix "Shetland" onto any animal name immediately dictates a stunted, pigmy version of said animal, no matter how much I want it to be true...

Yes, so, I continue forward, it is merely taking me and my machete of progression to hack my way through university work and deadlines. Like gorillas to Diane Fossey, the Indies are currently in the mist. And I persevere through this metaphorical foggy jungle with my metaphorical blade, which, by the way, serves no protection to real life bears, Shetland Bears or no.

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