Monday, 5 April 2010

Newgrounds Best Games of 2009: Part 2

Newgrounds 2010 Tank Awards Review: The Games
Part 2

by Glaiel-Gamer and Starogre
Play time: 15 minutes

More like the token underground artist in the Mercury Music nominations, "Closure." is a dark descent into a complex puzzle platformer. It stands no chance in actually winning this award, I reckon, but it is technically astounding and philosophically sound. Sporting a black & white papercraft art-style, the game uses a complex light-based series of puzzles in which you carry light sources to reach the door at the end of each level. The trick to this, and the most impressive piece of coding, is in your ability to walk through land without light upon it. Walls in your path turn into gaps you have to clear with a simple jiggery of the light sources.

I did play the game for the first dozen levels and there didn't seem to be any change in the
game's puzzles or assets, so not a lot of interest after the first fifteen minutes. However, still a great, sound game.
Score: 8.5/10

Crush the Castle
by Joeybetz and Con-Artists
Play time: 1 hour 1 minute

"Defend the Castle Siege Tower Defence Attack Crush" by Armour Games. Yup, it's another one, and this time, you fling rocks at towers to bring them down. Always fun, but not exactly inspiring. Feels more corporate than the other entries, so I'm not even going to bother including it in possible list of winners.
Score: 5/10

by Sakupen
Play time: 19 minutes

I actually gave up pretty quickly on this one, after dying on the second boss multiple times. This is a tough game, this, is Dadgame. Based on the popular Newgrounds milestone, "Dad's Home", Sakupen returns with a game of the chaotic insanity that is Dad. In Dadgame, you play as Dad (unsurprisingly), and wreak havoc throughout the story(?) leading off of Dad's Home 2. You are rewarded for destruction, as you action-platform, punch, stab and rock (yes, rock) the environment and your enemies to fine dust. It's fun, but as with many other games recently, it's unreasonably difficult. The more difficult your game, the less the player will see of your hard work (unless they're the small percentage of people who can play your ridiculously hard game). Coincidentally, I just read a very good article on Gamasutra relating to this problem (, and an analysis of possible solutions.

Overall, I'm not a fan of the art style, and I didn't really get involved in the combat. It felt very flimsy, with no real feedback for your hard work. Enemies are drawn to you like a powerful magnet, and your character floats around like a fairy half the time while you hammer on the Z key. There are possible combos and advanced moves, but I found no room for them in my busy schedule of Z Z Z jump Z Z Z Z Z Z jump.
Score: 3/10

Epic Battle Fantasy 2
by matt-likes-swords
Play time: Unknown (for now)

...I've just loaded up Epic Battle Fantasy 2. I was about to fire into a quick game, get it played and review it so I'll be done for the day. But as the main menu opens, the music rises and the logo fades into the foreground, I realise this game is based off of Final Fantasy. I should have noticed by the name. I'm immediately filled with the fear of a long, loooong game experience, as the FF series is known well for. I'm going to leave this one for today, and split the list of 21 down further.

1 third of the way done now! So far, Back to the Cubeture 1 is my pick. Let's see what happens as I've still got another 14 to go! Hoorah!! See you soon...

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